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Toms River Shakespeare Festival is accepting submissions from non-Equity actors for  its third season production of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to provide housing at this time. Please submit *only* if you are willing to travel to Toms River, NJ or have access to local housing for tech/dress rehearsals and performances during the week of August 4, 2019. We are committed to casting a diverse company and are seeking actors of all ethnicities, races, genders and abilities with a STRONG command of classical text. Please submit a brief cover letter, headshot and resume to: to arrange an appointment.


Measure for Measure

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Lori Garrabrant


Rehearsals in NYC:  July 8 - August 6, 2019

Must be available for tech/dress rehearsals in NJ: August 5 - 6

Preview performance: August 7 at Ortley Beach, Toms River, NJ

Show Dates:  August 8 - August 11 at  Huddy Park, Toms River, NJ


Pay: non-Equity stipend


NYC Auditions:

Monday, June 24, 2019

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM by appointment



Please prepare one Shakespeare monologue in verse (no more than two minutes in length). Please bring picture and resume.


Seeking Non-Equity Actors for the following roles:

ISABELLA: (age 20 - 35)

A young novice nun called upon to utilize her powers of discourse and reason to persuade the Duke of Vienna’s corrupt deputy, Angelo, to spare her brother’s life. Devout, determined, steadfast, alluring and alluringly true to her own voice and calling. Fiery and passionate, she will hold back nothing to reveal what is unjust!



A conflicted leader who is unable to assail corruption in his city. Having left Angelo in charge during a feigned departure from Vienna, he goes incognito as a Friar to oversee developments. Measured, skillful, clever, just, conscientious, and prepared to assert his authority upon his return.


ESCALUS: (age 60 - 80)

An “ancient lord” and faithful colleague to the Duke seated to assist Angelo during his governance. A patient listener and a skilled and just arbiter in contrast to Angelo.


ANGELO : (age 30 - 55)

Deputy in charge of Vienna. “Dressed in a little brief authority” he reinstates old laws against promiscuity and rules with a severe and severely puritanical and punishing sense of self-righteousness. Demonstrative, authoritative, proud, stubborn, egotistical, unwavering and sexually repressed, he is unexpectedly confronted by his lascivious lust for Isabella.


CLAUDIO: (age 20 - 35)

A young gentleman of Vienna and brother to Isabella. He loves and fully intends to marry Juliet (who is pregnant with their child). He is sentenced to death by Angelo for fornication. Passionate, persuasive, earnest and sincere as he fears death and yearns to live his life.


LUCIO : (age 30 - 60)

A “flamboyant bachelor” and sympathetic friend to Claudio. He urges Isabella to plead her brother’s case. Lewd, crude, prone to vices and largely hypocritical, he is equally charming and resolute. A quick-witted comedian.


PROVOST: (age 30 - 65)

A prison warden. Kind and honorable.


ELBOW: (age 25 - 35)

A “simple” constable put in charge of arresting people for lewd misconduct. He is prone to malapropism-filled testimonies and has his challenges on the job.


FROTH: (age 30 - 45)

A “foolish gentleman” and client of Mistress Overdone. Fond of spending his time at the tavern.


MISTRESS OVERDONE: (age 30 - 65)

The bawdy mistress of a bawdy house. She runs a brothel outside the city limits of Vienna. Comedic.


POMPEY: (age 40 - 65)

Servant to Mistress Overdone. Acts as a tapster (or barman) but his activities are otherwise meant to support the goings-on at the brothel. A quick-witted clown who efficiently and effectively points out the hypocrisy of the law.


ABHORSON: (age 30 - 60)

An Executioner.


BARNARDINE: (age 30 - 60)

A prisoner and a drunkard. A comical brute and mainstay at the prison. Physically brash and imposing. Comedic.


MARIANA: (age 25 - 40)

A lady of Vienna once betrothed to Angelo. She is  jilted by him for lack of a dowry. Bold, upstanding, virtuous and honest.


JULIET: (age 20 - 35)

Beloved of Claudio and pregnant with their child. She stands devotedly against his imprisonment and sentence.


Actors could be asked to play a number of featured characters. Roles can be played by men or women and age is fairly flexible.  

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